California Unemployment Insurance Claims During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has led to historically unprecedented increases in the level of initial Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims filed in California since the start of the crisis in mid-March. Through a partnership with the Labor Market Information Division of the California Employment Development Department, the California Policy Lab is analyzing daily initial UI claims to provide an in-depth and near real-time look at how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting various industries, regions, counties, and types of workers throughout California. The Policy Briefs are updated on a monthly basis.

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Policy Briefs

New Research: September 15th Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

August 6th Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

July 2nd Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

June 11th Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

May 21st Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

May 7th Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

April 29th Policy Brief, Key Findings, and Press Release.

Lost Wages Assistance Program Data Point

DATA POINT: Lost Wages Assistance Program will provide temporary support for California workers PDF

PRESS RELEASE: Nearly 200,000 Unemployed Californians Will Miss Out on Extra $300 Benefit from President’s “Lost Wages Assistance” Program

FPUC Data Point

DATA POINT: The role of the $600 FPUC benefit in California during the COVID-19 Pandemic  PDF

PRESS RELEASE: New Analysis: Workers Who Were Most Impacted By COVID-19 Shutdowns Will Also Be Most Impacted if $600 FPUC is Not Extended

Key Research Findings:

1) FPUC payments injected $26 billion into California’s economy since late March

2) Without the $600 FPUC payment, California’s median unemployment insurance benefit amount will drop down to $339 per week. That is less than a quarter of California’s Median Family Income ($86,165) when calculated on a weekly basis.

3) The average actual payment in California without FPUC is $270. While each UI claimant is assigned a Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) based on prior earnings when they file their claim, for claimants who report income from part-time work, their benefit payment is reduced accordingly, and they receive a payment less than their WBA.

4)Women workers, Black workers, younger workers, and lower-educated workers have been most impacted by COVID-19 related layoffs and will be most impacted if the $600 FPUC payment is not continued.

Policy Analyses

Policy Analysis: The Benefit Implications of Adjusting the Earnings Disregard for Partial UI Benefits in California  PDF

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