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Solving Homelessness and Serving High Needs Population

More than one-third of people who are experiencing homelessness in the United States live in California, despite the fact that California only has 12% of the nation’s overall population. The state, cities and counties urgently need solutions for preventing and addressing homelessness and Californians have identified homelessness as one of the most pressing public policy issues facing the state.

The California Policy Lab is working with state and local agencies to develop and evaluate evidence-based solutions to homelessness. CPL leverages expertise in data integration, predictive analytics, screening tools, and program evaluation to share real-time insights and build empirical evidence to improve outcomes for homeless individuals and families.

In 2021 CPL launched its Homelessness Prevention Community Advisory Board which is an essential part of CPL’s research process and will help to ensure that community needs are addressed and prioritized in all phases of research to promote community engagement in its homelessness prevention research agenda.

Predicting and Preventing Homelessness

CPL has multiple research and data science projects in motion designed to better understand inflows into homelessness and to help evaluate prevention strategies in Los Angeles.

Unsheltered Individuals

Racial Equity in Homeless Services

Key Performance Indicators for Homelessness Services

Triage Tools

Homelessness Data Access for Researchers

Other Research

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