Los Angeles Coordinated Entry System Triage Tool Research & Refinement Project

Improving Los Angeles’ homeless services system triage tools and processes is part of a larger effort to advance equity and improve system flow in the system.


LA’s Coordinated Entry System (CES) for homeless services was built through a community-based process that brought together frontline workers as decision makers and system leaders as supports. Grounded in early research, recommendations of LAHSA’s Ad Hoc Committee on Women and Homelessness and Ad Hoc Committee on Black People Experiencing Homelessness, provider feedback, and client experience, our community has recognized a need to refine our CES to advance equity, improve system flow, and increase confidence in the system to support appropriate service connections for all those experiencing homelessness. A major component of this broader system refinement is a multi-year effort to examine and enhance LA’s homeless services system triage tools and processes.  

CPL is part of a collaborative team of researchers from the University of Southern California, UCLA, and other partners that is helping to evaluate the current triage tools and processes and to design pilots to identify possible strategies to overcome challenging system questions. 

For a more detailed overview the project goals, research team and community advisory board, please refer to the CES website.

Research Team

Professor Norweeta Milburn, Professor Till von Wachter, Janey Rountree, Dr. Robert Santillano, and Brian Blackwell



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