Nudge CA

Since 2010, governments around the world have been using insights from behavioral science to improve public services. By better understanding how people actually behave, innovations in behavioral public administration have been shown to improve access to social programs, increase compliance with government regulation, and reduce frontline worker turnover.

CPL works with government agencies interested in using insights from behavioral science to design and test new ways to deliver public services. We focus on low-cost tweaks or “nudges” that can strengthen the internal operations of government, or streamline how agencies interact with Californians, using rapid, iterative pilot testing.

Meet the team

  • Elizabeth Linos

    Emma Bloomberg Associate Professor for Public Policy and Management and Faculty Director of The People Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    Elizabeth Linos is a behavioral economist and public management scholar. Her research focuses on...

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  • Jesse Rothstein

    Carmel P. Friesen Chair in Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley and the Faculty Director of the California Policy Lab’s UC Berkeley site
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