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School Choice in the Oakland Unified School District: Analysis of Family Preferences and Counterfactual Policies

This study will examine how Oakland families make school choices, and how policy changes could impact their preferences and enrollment.


The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) has a large charter school sector as well as a public school choice system. OUSD is interested in doing a better job of enrollment management and in reducing segregation and stratification within the district. Through this study, CPL will provide OUSD with a quantitative model of school choices that can be used to assess how changes to school options and school-choice policies could impact preferences and enrollment.

Research Project

In partnership with OUSD, CPL will link data from Oakland public schools and charter schools to examine how Oakland families make public and charter school choices, and how OUSD policy changes could impact preferences and enrollment. This will help OUSD in managing its schools and enhance its enrollment management and school choice systems to achieve its efficiency and equity goals.

Research Team

Professor Chris Walters (Co-Principal Investigator), Professor Jesse Rothstein (Co-Principal Investigator), Joan Martinez, Anna Doherty



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