Marjolijn Bruggeling-JoyceResearch Associate, Los Angeles

Marjolijn Bruggeling-Joyce

Marjolijn Bruggeling-Joyce is a Research Associate at California Policy Lab (CPL), where she is based at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to help coordinate research projects for both CPL and the University of Chicago Crime Lab. LAPD is partnering with CPL to build a research lab that leverages the department’s personnel, resources and data to conduct high impact research to help guide policing practices locally and nationally.

Marjolijn is simultaneously working as the project manager on a University of Chicago Crime Lab research and technical assistance project with the Chicago Police Department. The Chicago project is designed to improve the use data and combine data with street intelligence to reduce violent crime.

Marjolijn Bruggeling-Joyce is a former Lieutenant with the Dutch National Police. Prior to emigrating to the United States, Marjolijn served as project leader for the implementation of information and data management programs across all 17 police precincts throughout Amsterdam. She was instrumental in establishing a new information exploitation system to improve intelligence-led policing initiatives in Amsterdam. Marjolijn also worked at bringing together national developments in the field of predictive policing, and developed a framework for the various police departments throughout the country to develop and test the effectiveness of emerging crime strategies.

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