Leslie Bisno
Development Director, Berkeley

Leslie Bisno

Leslie’s work in development has encompassed a wide variety of sectors including scientific research, environment, animal welfare, conservation, education, health & human services, and a 6½-year stint as Director of Development for the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra. He is thrilled to be raising funds for the CPL, where donors can leverage the impact of policy change, and make a huge and tangible difference in the lives of populations all over California. Prior to his current career in fundraising, Leslie was an actor/singer/director/composer in the theatre, working in NY, LA, San Francisco, Germany, and many places in between. These days he only performs for his daughter, Elizabeth, who listens patiently until she can’t take it anymore, and falls asleep.

contact details

(805) 455-9871
2521 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94720