Kalvin OgbuefiData Analyst, Los Angeles

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Kalvin Ogbuefi is a Data Analyst at the California Policy Lab at UCLA where he is part of the research team working to understand and address the homelessness crisis within Los Angeles.

Prior to joining CPL, Kalvin worked as a Scientist at Exponent, an engineering consulting firm, where he was engaged in a number of projects focused on software development, data visualization, statistical analysis, and field data collection for human participant studies for clients in various industries. Before Exponent, Kalvin worked as a Data Scientist at the Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Working directly under the Chief Data Officer, he supported data science projects which aided the research efforts of the physicians at the hospital. Many of the projects included the development of tools to better visualize patient data in the hospital, such as their MRI images and diagnosis reports, along with creating predictive models to help sort MRI images by category to ease the job of physicians labeling images manually.

At UC Merced and CSU Long Beach, Kalvin received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics, respectively. Using mathematics and statistics to solve real world problems was one of the motivating reasons Kalvin pursued these majors. He saw the practicality of data science and how it can create an impact in many domains of society. During his academic studies he was engaged in a variety of data science internships at multiple national labs, tech companies and academic institutions.

Outside of work Kalvin enjoys writing and filmmaking, hiking, playing basketball, eating at different restaurants, film photography, reading, going to beaches, and spending time with loved ones.

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