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Andi VidaurreData Analyst, Los Angeles

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Andi’s interest in changing sociopolitical systems was first sparked while earning their undergraduate degree. They studied the connection between the human psyche and how a lack of empathy and self-love, and a desire for power, often underlie racism, misogyny, patriarchy, genocide and sexual violence. They also studied how systems of oppression, such as colonization and capitalism, gave rise to poverty and continue to shape other inequitable systems that continue causing harm today.

After earning a BA in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, Andi went on to work directly with people experiencing homelessness in South Bend and then worked on policy solutions to address and prevent homelessness at United Way of Greater Los Angeles. They recently finished a certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning with Bloom Institute of Technology, where they recognized the potential to harness the power of data to reduce harm and change sociopolitical structures.

At CPL, Andi is a Data Analyst working on projects related to youth homelessness and family homelessness using predictive analytics and machine learning. Outside of work Andi is passionate about decolonizing relationships with others and themselves, cooking, photography, languages, exercise, farming, basketball, and physics.

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