Promoting Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Since 2011, California has embarked on a series of dramatic criminal justice reform efforts, ranging from realignment to recent ballot initiatives that have changed the state’s approach to nonviolent offenders. This has coincided with a national conversation around constitutional policing and racial disparities, as well as increased scrutiny on law enforcement, bail practices, and fees and fines. At the same time, law enforcement executives and their management teams are seeking guidance about how to recruit, retain, train, and support personnel in these changing and complex times.

To this end, the California Policy Lab is partnering with city, county, and state law enforcement agencies on projects ranging from crime prevention, policing and training, sentencing, corrections, probation, and reentry. As a nonpartisan and independent partner, CPL brings decades of expertise, advanced data analysis, and objective research and evaluation to help answer urgent questions. We help our partners identify patterns, develop insights, and test new policies that will improve agency governance and public safety for California.

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