PERLI — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Policy Evaluation and Research Linkage Initiative (PERLI) is a four-year project funded by the National Science Foundation that will establish powerful new datasets of linked administrative microdata from California state and local government sources. 



Q: When will the PERLI data become available?

A: We anticipate that the first PERLI dataset will be available for researchers in 2022. Subscribe to our updates list to stay informed. 

Q: For what years will the data be available?

A: It depends on the dataset. More information will be released about each dataset over time. But generally speaking, we anticipate that all three datasets will have data for years 2012 through 2018, with some stretching further in either direction.

Q: Can I link the data with other datasets not on CPL’s Data Hub?

A: We encourage you to reach out to us on this topic ( This may prove difficult and/or expensive, but we are eager to help you if possible. 

Q: Are there costs or fees associated with access?

A: Not for regular access, which we anticipate will cover most PERLI projects. CPL may request reimbursement for specialized requests that require additional staff time, such as a project that required linking in an additional dataset.

Q: How will you protect the privacy of the individuals whose data you will be distributing?

A: All PERLI datasets will be fully anonymized so that now personally identifiable information is available for analysis. However, even with anonymized data there is some risk of re-identification. To prevent against it, CPL protects the data on a highly secure Data Hub, trains users on appropriate data use, monitors the activity of users on the Hub, and carefully reviews all results taken off the Hub. 

Q: Is data documentation available now to help me determine whether my research is a good fit?

A: Not yet, but we will release more information in the coming months. Subscribe or return here later for updates.

Q: Did PERLI used to be called LIPER?

A: Yes. 

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