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Capitol Weekly Conference on Housing Policy
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May 26th, 2021, 9am (PDT)

Natalie Holmes, a postdoctoral scholar at CPL, and author of CPL’s first CalExodus research, will speak on the day’s first panel, which is focused on the “the pandemic effect.”

Past Events

Rethinking unemployment insurance and housing support: Policies to protect workers and families

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Till von Wachter, Faculty Director of CPL’s UCLA site, spoke at this Hamilton Project (Brookings Institute) panel about the  research he has led on the impact of the COVID-19 unemployment crisis on California workers. (April 2021)

Unsheltered in Los Angeles: Understanding Homelessness & Potential Solutions

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Janey Rountree, Executive Director of CPL’s UCLA site, and Dr. Adams Kellum, President & CEO of St. Joseph Center, had a wide ranging conversation about homelessness in Los Angeles with Craig Turk, a writer and executive TV producer. (April 2021)

The Future of Work: The Big Picture

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Evan White, Executive Director of CPL’s Berkeley site, spoke about CPL’s CalExodus research, which was done using CPL’s new UC-CCP dataset. (March 2021)

On Common Ground: Economic Recovery in California

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Till von Wachter, Faculty Director at CPL’s UCLA site, spoke at this KQED panel about the economic recovery, sharing insights based on CPL’s unemployment research.  (April 2021)

2021: The Path to Economic Recovery for Consumers

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Evan White, Executive Director at CPL’s Berkeley site, spoke with Richard Cordray, the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, about the economic recovery in 2021. (December 2020)

HPRI Research Symposium: Predictive Analytics for Homelessness Prevention

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Janey Rountree and Till von Wachter presented on predicting and preventing homelessness in Los Angeles County. (April, 2019)

CPL Conferences

Policing Innovation and Reform: Making the vision a reality (2018)

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Breaking the Cycle: Improving Outcomes for California’s High Need, High Cost Population (2017)

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