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CPL Hosted Projects

The California Policy Lab was founded in part to increase the prevalence of policy-focused research in California. With that goal in mind, we built a Secure Data Hub that can support multiple projects led by a wide variety of researchers. We use that infrastructure for in-house projects, and we also use it for “hosted projects” that are not conducted by CPL’s research staff but may be led by non-CPL or CPL-affiliated researchers within the University of California system and beyond.

CPL supports hosted projects in various ways, including:
• Hosting the research data on CPL’s Secure Data Hub;
• Hosting new projects on existing master data-use agreements, once the data contributor(s) agree(s) on a project scope; and
• Maintaining CPL’s high level of data security through monitoring and logging user activity, reviewing research results to ensure they do not contain personally identifiable information, and other protocols.

For hosted projects, the researchers are the main point of contact with their government partners. The researchers are also responsible for the research design, methodology, and findings of any publications that result from the research project. Hosted projects are identified as such on their publication pages on the CPL website. Click here to see publications from CPL hosted projects.

CPL is excited to be able to facilitate research beyond what we conduct “in-house.” It furthers our mission of advancing policy-relevant research in California. Because we are not involved in the research process for hosted projects, we cannot guarantee the quality of the research or the accuracy of the results. If you have questions about those projects, please contact the author(s) directly.

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